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Kiattua a truly uniq travel expirience.


The inuits would migrate to their summer camps as soon as the winter loosened its grip on man and nature. The tripe would live in big tipi-like tents while foraging the surroundings.


We are honoring this magnificent country by staying true to the old nomadic virtues, thus leaving a minimum imprint as we let ourselves get realigned with nature.



Your personal tent is huge with ample space to stand. It comes with 2 single beds or one double bed, small table with chairs and a cozy stove.

Each tent has its own private eco toilet and hot shower close by.

Despite its secludedness the camp offers modern amenities and facilities. A dedicated chef will prepare fresh, locally inspired, food for each meal in the relaxing shared facilities giving the necessary foundations for adventures.

Our luxury adventure camp with its exclusive remote destination, at a historical spot called Kiattua (Kiattua - being the Inuit word for “the warm place”), is in the midst of a stunning nature deep into the majestic Nuuk fjord.


Camp Kiattua  is situated two hours with boat from the capital of Greenland in the middle of one of the biggest  and oldest fjords in the world.

Boat or helicopter being the only way to get to this secluded spot.

At Camp Kiattua you are offered individual adapted adventures in complete solitude.

Everything in comfortable, free and relaxed settings added gourmet experiences  


Relax - Explore - Dream - Discover

This is all for you ! 



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